Cain & Sons Fire Equipment

Cain & Sons Fire Equipment is the premier fire protection company in New Jersey, having partnered with the firefighting and business communities for more than 40 years offering highly competitive pricing while always maintaining the small business customer care we were founded on.

Our services include:

• The sale, installation and service/maintenance of all fire safety equipment.
• Inspection and testing to ensure ongoing compliance with local, state and federal fire safety codes.
• The sale, installation, and service/maintenance of all fire department needs from basic equipment to apparatus repairs and maintenance.
• Education for companies to ensure employee familiarity and comfort in use of fire safety equipment in the event of an emergency.


Cain & Sons Fire Equipment was founded in 1972 by Ronald Cain Sr., a long time volunteer and chief with the Pine Brook Volunteer Fire Department located in Pine Brook, NJ. It is through his many years of service that he was inspired to go into business for himself providing the support the fire departments needed. In the early years of the business he offered 24/7 support of the departments various needs that would arise while on scene of an active fire. As times and technology have changed this type of service is no longer needed, however, the commitment to availability 24/7 has remained.

With Ronald Cain Sr.’s passing in the spring of 2016, leadership changes were inevitable for the business to continue. Towards the end of summer 2016; Ronald Cain III, Ronald Cain Sr.’s grandson, will assume control of the company. With this will come many changes, through utilization of technology, to offer better communication and the ability to expedite service to our valued customers. With all these changes, however, Ronald Cain III will remain dedicated to the ideals his grandfather founded the company on, friendly customer service.